You have registered as a home seeker and subsequently use the extensive local network of local Maxx rental property agencies. Maxx rental property agencies will draw up a list of your wishes and assess whether your needs match the market. Maxx rental property agencies will then start looking for suitable accommodation. The  startup fee depends on the local situation and may vary per location. Your assignment is valid up to 4 months and you will request Maxx rental property agencies to commence the related activities immediately.

When you give Maxx the assignment to find suitable housing and this assignment is accepted by Maxx rental property agencies, you will receive a login code. Using this login code you can see which employee of Maxx rental property agencies is your contact and which properties we have found for you. This offer will be sent to you by e-mail. If the housing suits you, you can immediately schedule the viewing of the property. You may also be invited for the viewing by telephone or e-mail.

During viewings you will be accompanied by one of our employees. The employee will give you a tour of the property and answer all your questions. This will give you a good impression of the property. You may view as many homes as you like. If the accommodation does not meet your requirements, we will continue our search.


4 .1
Once Maxx rental property agencies have found a property for you, a rent confirmation will be drawn up. You will be introduced to the landlord. Maxx will ask you for personal information such as your name (as passport), your date of birth, your place of birth and your income. Maxx will handle your personal data carefully, safely and confidentially.  With a view to the General Data Protection Regulation, we would like you to request to cover your BSN number.

Maxx rental property agencies must protect your interests in the event of a conflict of interests. You herewith explicitly declare in compliance with Article 7:417 paragraph 2 DCC that you are the principal of Maxx rental property agencies. After approval, the lease agreement will be drafted. You will pay a one-off fee for our services, which is equal to the monthly rent (including service costs, energy costs etc.) and VAT.  The fee must be paid when the lease is signed.


When you withdraw the assignment to mediation and/or otherwise terminates, we will charge a fee for our work we have done for you. These costs are for searching and sending you houses per e-mail or by phone €20,= per property, for a viewing €50,= per property and other work carried out in your command on the basis of an hourly rate of €95,=. All amount are plus VAT. To withdraw the assignment, you will have to send a letter or email to [email protected]

Maxx aanhuurmakelaars reserves the right to give the assignment back to you on the basis of serious reasons. In that case we will charge a fee for our work we have done for you. Starting point is the costs as shown in article 5.1.


If you are not satisfied about the performance of this assignment by Maxx rental property agencies, or if you have any suggestions regarding our services, please let us know by e-mail. You can send your email to [email protected]  to the attention of the management We will respond within 4 working days.