Renting out your property through Maxx

Ma xx is actively searching the most suitable home for potential tenants. Maxx currently has  806  potential tenants who are interested in your property. Therefore, contact us and let us know what you have to offer.

Maxx was founded 28 years ago and Maxx has managed to connect more than 32,500 living spaces to a tenant, which is an exceptional track record. If you are looking for a rental agency that works according to your wishes, then you have come to the right place with Maxx. Maxx is a rental broker who knows how to find the tenant like no other, through search engines such as Google our site is often within the first 5 results, but also because of its management experience, Maxx is strictly aware of changes in the law concerning Rental Law. In order to assist the landlord in word and deed, new market insights can be anticipated in advance.
Maxx is a suitable partner if you recognize yourself in the following definition of 'landlord'; a landlord is an individual who offers accommodation for a decent rent, pursues good landlordship, consciously undertakes and wishes a good relationship with the tenants. These landlords will be facilitated by Maxx down to the last detail.
What can you expect from Maxx when we start working for you?
  • the house is inspected by a specially trained broker;
  • a price recommendation will be given based on the WWS and will also look at points optimization and the possibility to increase the rent based on market forces;
  • as a landlord, you may wish to have specific tenants, on which basis we will start working;
  • candidate tenants will be contacted from our search database;
  • the property is professionally presented on various rental sites such as or, as well as on its own well-attended site;
  • the intended tenant is screened on the basis of background information;
  • the best candidate is introduced to you and you make the final decision;
  • even before the lease is signed, the tenant will make a down payment;
  • the rental agreement is drawn up on the basis of the most recent statutory provision and presented in draft form to the tenant and landlord;
  • the contractual settlement can take place in one of Maxx's rental offices, but is increasingly handled digitally, no traffic stress, no loss of time, just easy to arrange at home behind your own computer;
  • the financial settlement is taken care of;
  • check in and check out of the rented property;
  • interim inspections if there is reason to do so;
  • key collection and handing over;
  • taking care of the contracts for the supply of gas, water and electricity.
Because all elements of the service are coordinated, Maxx finds the very best tenant within the desired timeframe.
Furthermore, there is a unique opportunity to use our ABC management product, with which you are even more carefree, because you let Maxx do the work in the broadest sense of the word.
The A of the ABC stands for administrative or financial management, what is done for this (please feel free to sit in front of it, because it is quite a lot):
  • the timely collection of rental receivables, the registration and processing of rental receipts, the monitoring of the timely and correct payment of the rental amounts owed by the tenants, including any fees or advance payments for service costs, or other amounts owed by the tenant by virtue of the rental agreement, the sending of reminders regarding overdue (rental) amounts, as well as the possible use of a debt collection agency or a bailiff to take legal measures;
  • the establishment and maintenance of an administration for the benefit of responsible management, also the responsibility with regard to changes in the file administration falls under this, such as changes in rental prices;
  • the monthly provision of the rental account with settlement of the expenses to be borne by the client;
  • administering the service costs and producing the settlement with the tenants of the actual costs relating to supplies and services and the advance amounts paid by the tenants, provided that the invoices have been paid via Maxx;
  • advising the client on the possibilities of annual rent adjustments of the premises for which the management is carried out, as well as the further handling thereof;
  • handling appeals against rent adjustments;
  • in the event of termination of the tenancy agreement, hold the tenant liable for any damage to his home, or damage and/or loss, including recovering the costs involved from the (former) tenant or having them recovered from the (former) tenant, or settling them against any guarantee deposits paid;
  • the payment of approved invoices;
  • the submission of applications for utilities;
  • Notification of expiring lease contracts, notification to the principal of cancellations of lease or notification that a right to rent will not be exercised;
  • advising the client on the package of deliveries and services to be offered and the related (service) costs;
  • (option) the creation of a service charge settlement if the invoices have not been paid by Maxx Vastgoed;
  • (option) advice and guidance in legal matters in general;
  • (option) representation of the client in associations of owners;
  • (option) the provision of management information in accordance with requirements of the client to be determined;
  • (option) unforeseen activities resulting from government measures;
  • (option) notification of damage and settlement: special events such as fire, explosion, burglary, storm/water damage and the like, which directly or indirectly cause damage to the building.
The compensation for this A component amounts to 2% of the gross rent received.
The B of the ABC stands for the technical or building management, what is done for this:
  • dealing with reports from tenants relating to technical imperfections;
  • the issuing of maintenance orders or the outsourcing of maintenance work, which is for the client's account. Up to an agreed maximum amount per maintenance order, this can be done without prior consultation with the client. If the expected costs are higher, one or more quotations with an accompanying advice shall be submitted to the client. In urgent cases, the manager is authorised to take the necessary measures, on the understanding that insofar as the costs involved exceed the said limit, the principal shall be informed immediately, with an explanation of the situation that has arisen and the measures taken, if necessary;
  • checking the work carried out;
  • checking the relevant maintenance bills for price and execution of the work in relation to the order given;
  • (option) the guidance with regard to the execution of major maintenance.

The fee for this B component amounts to 2% of the gross rent received.

The C of the ABC stands for the commercial management, which is done for this:
  • the inspection of the objects in question according to the standards of good management;
  • supervising and controlling the tenants' compliance with the provisions of the rental agreement and the way in which the rented property and its appurtenances are used;
  • taking receipt of notice of termination of the lease;
  • Recruitment of candidates;
  • obtaining information on the solvency, reliability and civilisation of the candidates concerned;
  • submitting (written) offers of the real estate to be leased to the eligible candidates;
  • inspecting the immovable property that is to become vacant, as well as recovering (or causing to be recovered) from the ex-tenants any damage and/or loss that has been found;
  • advising the client on publication activities to be carried out, such as the placing of rental-supporting advertisements and suchlike;
  • periodically reporting to the client on the progress of the rental activities;
  • In accordance with the statutory provisions, handling cases in the event of applied rent harmonisation at the Rental Committee;
  • drawing up the lease agreements to be concluded with tenants, in which, in principle, use will be made of the manager's model lease contracts and signing them on behalf of the principal;
  • sending the principal a copy of the rental agreement signed by the parties;
  • notifying the principal of any vacancy that may occur;
  • advising the client on the maximum reasonable rental price on the basis of the housing valuation system for independent and non-autonomous housing;
  • advising the client with regard to the rental conditions at which the space that becomes available can be leased;
  • (option) making home visits, if mandatory prescribed by the client;
  • (option) handling of cases before rental commissions and subdistrict courts;
  • (option) producing market reports as a rental support activity;
  • (option) assisting valuers if the property is to be assessed by third parties.
The fee for this C component amounts to 2% of the gross rent received.
In fact, it is therefore possible that when you instruct Maxx to let a property, Maxx will continue to do so for length of days at the extremely low rate of 2% of the rent. A numerical example:
You own a single-family house and Maxx can rent this house for a rent of € 900, =. For the first mediation you pay a one-time fee of € 750,= and then you pay only € 18,= per month to keep the house filled.
Another example:
You are the owner of a room rental property and would like to rent out a room for € 400,=. For the first mediation you pay a one-time fee of € 250,=. After that you only pay € 8,= per month to keep the room filled at all times. Count from your profit.
This beautiful product can only be offered by Maxx because thousands of other landlords have gone before you.

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