Search or not?

If you want professional help in finding the most suitable accommodation, if you want to be the first to be informed and don't want to join the queue, if you want to know if the landlord is well known, if you want a watertight tenancy agreement and if you want to be able to call on the services of a rental expert at all times during the rental period, then it's a good idea to give Maxx a search request.
If you give Maxx a search request, Maxx will relieve you of the hassle of finding accommodation. You will receive an email of the properties that have been found for you. You benefit from the large local network. Maxx knows how to find the right people for your housing search. Maxx often opens doors that remain closed to you.
A unique service for the tenant who only wishes the best and wants to focus on work or school.
In the event of a successful transaction, i.e. only by finding the most suitable accommodation at the most reasonable conditions, you owe Maxx a fee. This fee is equal to 1 gross monthly rent plus VAT. If you find a property that is offered within the large portfolio of Maxx (usually the properties on the website) then you do not owe this fee, because in that case Maxx works on behalf of the landlord. You only pay a fee for the work carried out up to that point, but that amount is always lower.
If you want to investigate it all yourself, you can do so; you do not have to give Maxx a search request. You just keep an eye on the site You can view Maxx's offers at any time of the day. You can't leave a search profile at Maxx, that's only possible when giving the assignment. If you find a property at Maxx in this way and you want to rent it, you don't have to pay Maxx anything for it. No administration or other costs, nothing of the sort.