Would you like to be you own landlord?

Perhaps you have never given this any thought or maybe you did not know it was possible. Maxx can help you get through your student days cheaply and comfortably. There are many benefits for your parents too.

Maxx can help your parents buy and possibly also manage your student housing. This does not necessarily mean that your parents need to have hundreds of thousands of euros in the bank, because to finance student housing your parents do not need to be rich. Did you know that, depending on your parents' situation, no equity capital is needed to finance a student housing?

Your benefits as a landlord:

  • You get to pick the nicest, largest and most beautiful room, so you will not be living in a tiny 2-by-2 den.
  • You can choose your own congenial flatmates. This means you are the one who decides who lives with you in the house.
  • If your parents approve, you will not pay any rent. No stress at the end of the month and you can keep your entire student grant or loan for yourself.
  • No need to worry about all the fuss of being a “landlord”. We will manage all the work.


A list of the benefits for your parents:

  • Does it not cost a lot of money to buy a house? Sometimes, but it also generates income! For instance, the rental income from student housing is not subject to tax, at least as long as you parents do not go and live there themselves :-)
  • Maxx will help you purchase, finance, renovate and manage your own Parentshome, so your parents can enjoy their investment without any worries.
  • Hassle? Not at all! Maxx will take care of everything your parents don’t feel like doing.
  • Buying student housing also comes with some great financial benefits. For instance, you will be making a profit from the rent and in the long term substantial profit can be achieved through the value increase of the Parentshome.

Therefore, buying your own student housing has various advantages over renting a regular room. Does owning a Parentshome appeal to you? Then make an appointment with Maxx, without any obligation, together with your parents.

Maxx, enjoying your student days without any worries

Parentshome, how does it work?

With Maxx you can enjoy your investment without any worries! To buy a second house as an investment property you certainly do not need to be rich. A little nest egg or the surplus value of your current house may already be sufficient.

What does Maxx do?
Maxx actively seeks, finds and purchases investment property for investors. Parents of students are an important target group. Maxx advises potential investors about the property to be purchased by calculating the returns. Maxx then gives advice about the conversion of the purchased buildings into suitable student housing. After that we can professionally manage and rent out the property for the investor, ensuring the investor of a solid investment with a good return. As a parent, you help your children own a Parentshome (neat student housing) to live in and study, without incurring any costs yourself! In most cases it even yields a little extra income. Your investment, the house, will be a nice supplement to your pension.

To serve you in the best possible way Maxx has developed an ABC formula:

A: Purchase Maxx finds a suitable investment property that matches your profile. Maxx assists you during the viewings and helps you negotiate and finance it. Maxx has gained a great deal of experience in financing investment property in the course of the years. Financing is often much easier than you think. Maxx has the right connections at banks and knows consultants who take the time to give good, personal advice.

B: Build Maxx has built up an extensive network of professional contractors who specifically have experience in converting property into Parentshomes. You can confidently leave the entire project management to them. Together, you will discuss your requirements and the possibilities. Alterations to a Parentshome involve work to specific requirements.

C: Contract Maxx will offer you a contract to rent out and manage your investment property. Maxx ensures that your property is and continues to be rented out, without the risk of vacancy. Depending on the selected contract we will act as the contact for any problems and calamities as they arise. If desired, Maxx can manage the debtors for you. This way, you can enjoy your investment without worries.