Room, kamer beschikbaar nabij Oostergoweg

The apartment complex is located next to a private car park. All apartments/studios include a parking on the property. In addition, there is a bicycle shed on site and a shared garden. The apartment complex is by bike around 1.5 – 2 km from City Center (so at most, 10 minutes by bike) Service charge include: energy, water, window cleaning outside Windows (4 x per year), cleaning common areas, (1 x per week), House mastery, Green maintenance, maintenance parking lot, depreciation upholsteries (pvc floor, indoor painting, curtains, basic lighting), contribution fees waterontharderLet on: service charge does not include subscription to internet and tv subscription. In the building is only infrastructure for Ziggo.

This property was leased by Maxx for one of its home seekers on 01-08-2019. Call Maxx if you also need help to find the most suitable housing.


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