Apartment, vuurdoornstraat

As of May 1, 2020 available a 3 room apartment (1 living room and 2 bedrooms).

Layout:Hall (2.75x1.40), WC (0.95x0.80) kitchen (3.20x1.70 m).

Small bedroom (2.95x2.25) and spacious bedroom (3,10x2.80), living room (5.20x3.50) and small balcony front (0.90x0.85).

From a bedroom, the shower with sink (1.90x1.50) is accessible.

The balcony (4.30x1.96) is accessible via the bathroom.

The apartment includes a spacious bicycle shed (3,50x3.10) which sits below the ground floor.

One-off at the start of the lease:
- Registration fees | € 25,00 p. p. excl vat
- Administration costs | € 125,00 pp.excl vat


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